Brazen iPhone theft at South Sioux City Walmart Friday

By [email protected] Updated on Sunday, August 13 2017 12:54am

About 9:45 pm on Friday evening August 11th the victim and her husband were shopping at Walmart in South Sioux City Nebraska when a brave thief snatched her iPhone from her, pushed her out of the way, and ran out of the store.

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According to the victim's husband, the incident happened in the front middle of the store near the registers. The suspect, a skinny black male about 6 foot tall grabbed his wife’s phone and pushed her out of the way and fled the store.

The husband chased after him but was unable to catch him. He jumped into what is believed to be a 2010 or newer white sedan with dark windows and a red and white plate. The vehicle was occupied by as many as 3 more individuals. The vehicle sped away.

The victim and her husband have tried to use the Find My Phone feature but it says the phone is offline. They have filed a police report and have attempted to get assistance from Walmart asset protection but have been unsuccessful at this time.