Siouxland man behind bars after numerous crimes including assault burglary and theft

Eric Hayden Bishop, 37 is behind bars at Woodbury County Jail as of August 18th and is being held on $101,500 Bond after police say his more than two-week crime spree ended when he wrecked a stolen animal control vehicle.

Officials say his current crime spree began August 2nd when he assaulted a female at her residence on the 400 Block of West 4th Street in Sioux City. Court documents say he pushed the victim to the ground, struck her numerous times, and held his hand over her mouth telling her to be quiet. Bishop has been charged with assault causing bodily injury for this incident.

On August 5th records say Bishop pointed a sword at a male victim just after 12:30 am on the 1500 Block of South Rustin, causing the victim to retreat. Bishop then lunged at the victim stabbing him in the chest causing serious injuries. Bishop has been charged with Willful Injury for this incident

About 3:50 am on August 15th police say Bishop forced entry into an apartment on the 2400 Block of Nebraska Street in Sioux City. He made threats to kill a male he believed to be inside. When he got inside he assaulted a male with a pipe causing injury to his head. Additionally, he attempted to choke another male with a necklace the victim was wearing. Bishop was charged with Burglary 1st Degree for this incident.

South Sioux City Police say sometime overnight on August 18th Bishop burglarized a structure at South Sioux City Animal Control at 215 East 26th in South Sioux City and took several items including a 2005 Chevrolet Truck with Government licenses plates.

About 5:15 am Bishop was spotted driving the stolen truck in the area of 21st and Court Streets in Sioux City and an officer began to follow him. The officer observed Bishop drive through a yard on the 1500 Block of 23rd Street damaging property and landscape decorations before driving through another yard on the same block damaging fences and property. Bishop continued through another yard damaging property and a retaining wall before landing on a Red 2015 Nissan Sentra parked in a driveway on the 1600 Block of 23rd Street. A utility pole and a 2008 GMC Yukon were also damaged in this incident. Charges of Theft 1st Degree, 3 counts 2nd Degree Criminal Mischief, and 1 count of 4th Degree Criminal Mischief were incurred related to this incident.

Eric Hayden Bishop then took off on foot before being taken into custody a short time later. A small plastic baggy that tested positive for Methamphetamine was found on his person. A charge of Possession of controlled substance was added to his charges. He scheduled to be back in court on August 29th at 9:00 am and October 19th at 10:00 am. Additionally, South Sioux City Police say they will also be filing charges for his crimes in South Sioux City including the burglary and vehicle theft.