Overnight shooting in Sioux Citys Morningside neighborhood after dispute between teens

By [email protected] Updated on Thursday, August 31 2017 11:57pm

Police say Early Thursday, about 3:00 am August 31st a dispute between 3 teens in a Sioux City's Morningside Neighborhood at South Lemon and 4th Avenue ended with one teen in the hospital with a gunshot wound and 2 more in custody.

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One teen was shot in the leg causing non-life-threatening injuries.

Court Document say, Juvenile #1 a 17-year-old male went to the 2100 Block of South Lemon in Sioux City to confront another 17-year-old male, Juvenile #2. Juvenile #3 produced a handgun pointing it at Juvenile #2’s head. Juvenile #1 took the gun from Juvenile #3 and shot Juvenile #2 in the Knee.

Juvenile #1 was arrested and charged with Willful Injury.

Juvenile #3 was also taken into custody.