Unexplained fire in Sergeant Bluff has neighbors worried

In the early morning hours of Tuesday, August 29th about 4:30 am a fire in a garbage can was reported at 1318 Vandenberg Circle East in Sergeant Bluff. The fire was quickly extinguished by a responding Police Officer. The Sergeant Bluff Fire Department responded to the scene.

A concerned member of the neighborhood told me they were told that accelerant was used in the fire. Making the situation more dangerous, the fire was next to a gas line and gas meter that has since been replaced due to fire damage. A couple weeks earlier a neighboring home had gasoline dumped in the back yard, it’s believed by neighbors that it was a warning or the person who dumped the gasoline was spooked before they had a chance to light it.

I left a message with the Sergeant Bluff Fire Department but did not receive a return call. The Sergeant Bluff Police Department told me that the fire was investigated as suspicious but it was not determined if the fire was set intentionally or if someone carelessly discarded smoking materials.

If you have information on either incident or any other crime you’re asked to contact Sergeant Bluff Police Department.