Sioux City woman facing charges of theft and burglary to fund drug habit

Brooke Lindsay Hagen, 34 of Sioux City was arrested on Tuesday after a victim caught and recorded her after she broke into their vehicle on the 2300 block Indian Hills in Sioux City on Sunday.

Court Documents say that Hagen is responsible for numerous vehicle burglaries and thefts, including the vehicle burglary on Tuesday. Hagen was cooperative with police admitting to the thefts and burglaries as a means to pay for her drug habit. Police recovered laptops, cell phones, chargers, clothing, tools and other miscellaneous items from her home. She promised to assist officers in the recovery of more items.

When we posted a story in September with a photo of a vehicle that was a suspect in thefts at Western Iowa Tech. Shortly after we posted that story we received information that Hagen is the owner of the vehicle and likely a suspect. Thefts at WIT Article. The victim on Sunday provided the same plate number to police which they tracked back to Brooke Hagen.

Brooke Hagen was booked into the Woodbury County Jail on Tuesday charged with Burglary 3rd and Theft 2nd. She has since posted bail of $3000. She’s scheduled to be back in Court on October 13th at 9:00 am.