Fake post spreading around about cop impersonator in Sioux City is not real

By [email protected] Updated on Friday, October 06 2017 09:30am

A scary message circulating Siouxland since Thursday evening has gone viral. Unfortunately, the details of the message are not true.

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In today's social media world it is so easy to spread misinformation with a click of a button. People who think they are doing the right thing just click share to quickly warn their friends and family. In many cases that information isn't true. I have verified with Sioux City Police that they have no reports of this happening.

Local Sioux City Warning!! My son just told me his 20 year old friend was pulled over in Sioux City by a police officer. Then another police officer pulled up behind him. Come to find out the first officer wasn't an officer at all. He was impersonating a police officer, telling this boy there was a warrant out for his arrest. Sounds like human trafficking going on here. Please be careful & pass this on.