Loved ones fear the worst about their 3 missing family members

By [email protected] Updated on Wednesday, October 18 2017 08:12pm

Vanessa Medina Gonzales, Angelica Mendina Gonzales, and Salomon Medina have not been heard from since Monday afternoon and their family is asking for any assistance in locating them.

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They were last known to be at the Floyd Walmart before 4:00 pm and were driving a Maroon 2001 Honda Civic EX License Plate IA EUH225

In this video Fernando and Brenda Rodriguez plead for anyone that may have seen Brenda’s Sister, Mother, and Father to please let them know.

They also say they are frustrated that the vehicle that went into the water on Monday is still in the water and it doesn’t appear to them that authorities are putting much effort into helping. They would like to know one way or another if the vehicle is their families.

They were to receive a phone call today, Wednesday from Sioux City Police Detective that was to check surveillance video from Walmart what time their family left the store. They say this information would be vital for them to know if the family left before or after the vehicle went into the water.

They are begging for an Amber Alert to be issued because Venessa is a juvenile, her 17th birthday today. They have reached out to Verizon to find out when and where the phone was last in use at but Verizon is unable to help them without a warrant.

Police are holding a press conference on Thursday Morning at 10:00 am to provide an update on the car in the water.

Transcript of the plea from daughter and son-in-law of the missing family.

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My name is Brenda Rodriguez Medina Gonsalez. The relation between the people missing since Monday evening is my parents Salomon Medina age 51 and Angelica Gonzales age 41 and sister Vanessa Medina who today is turning 17.

My name is Fernando Rodriguez I am her husband making them my parents in law are missing since Monday evening. We haven't heard anything about them. All we know is they got out of work and that is all we know. We are extremely worried we have moved around a lot gathering information. Had family friends helping us online, going to the police station, looking for people willing to help. To this day we haven't been given much information. We found out about this incident from people who started sending messages about it. The police has not told us anything. If it is them who are at the bottom of the river. I feel it is not right we have not been told anything. The police did not want to make an alert or Amber alert and my sister is a minor. Why not do an Amber alert? We don't know who was in the car. We don't know who has my sister and she's under age, so I don't understand why they won't make an Amber alert like they have done in the past.They have the license plate number. The police have had them since the 1st day we made the report. They have their names, cell phone numbers. Verizon did not want to cooperate with me. The day I went to their office to ask if they could help me track the numbers. They told me they weren't allowed to help until I had the password for Apple ID. So why aren't the police tracking the numbers if they were given that information?

Reporter asked "What is the message you are trying to get out to the community?"

What I want to say today is that we have to stay united and fight until that truth comes out. Because I don't think it's right that we are looking for our family and for them not to be helping. You can see who is here (referring to the scene of the car in the river) searching for the car. We are the only ones here. And thanks to family and friends we got you here. We need you here. We need to know where our family is. We need to pressure the police. We are latinos, we know that we may not speak English but thanks to you we are here. Friends helping with translating. Where's the police? Just because we're Latino does not mean they can wait anyways. We are worried about our family. I know they might not mean anything to them but if that was their family they would be desperately searching like I am.

Reporter, Did the detective say when will they call you?

Possibly today but the police told us yesterday his shift ended at 10, still no call from the detective today, we went to the school, we search the Walmart then they told us to keep waiting, but how much longer. They are family, they are human, it's my family it's my wife's family, all we want is to know where they are. Why not work on that?