Police say return purchased stolen merchandise or be charged suspects identified

By [email protected] Updated on Monday, October 23 2017 12:26pm

South Sioux City Police are giving those individuals who knowingly purchased stolen merchandise from 4 juveniles accused of multiple burglaries and robberies in South Sioux City the chance to return stolen merchandise and not be charged.

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Police say they have information about who purchased stolen merchandise from four juveniles who they have requested arrests warrants for in connection with multiple recent crimes in South Sioux City. They say individuals who purchased stolen items may drop them off at South Sioux City Law Enforcement center and not be charged with receiving stolen property.

The crimes include

Robbery of a cell phone from an individual at WalMart on August 11th
Burglary of Velvet Poodle on September 5th
Burglary of Verizon Wireless on October 17th
Burglary of Velvet Poodle on October 19th

Items stolen include clothing, cell phones, and a Husky Puppy.

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Sioux City Police arrested and charged 3 of the of the same Juveniles in multiple burglaries in Sioux City after they were caught shoplifting at WalMart.

On Saturday about 8:00 pm Asset Protection at WalMart on Floyd Boulevard notified police they had three shoplifters. The three were also arrested and charged with multiple burglaries in Sioux City including

Burglary of Sprint on September 13th
Burglary of Urban Casual on October 17th
Burglary of Yonkers on October 17th
Burglary of AT&T on October 19th

Sioux City Police identified the three Juveniles as a 16-year-old Juvenile Male from Winnebago and a 14 and 15-year-old Juvenile male from Macy Nebraska.

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