Missing Money We are Wolverines Weststock Sioux City West High All Class Reunion

A post to Facebook Group we are Wolverines on Thursday, November 16th from Organizer of the 2017 All-Class West High Reunion Rick Calendar says “I am sorry. I said I will pay it back by the end of January. I am not a bad person, I did a bad thing but I will fix it. Sorry to all Weststock committee members, West high school, and everyone who attended Weststock. I messed up, and no one else.”

Another post from Committee member Valerie Rogers says “I am on the Weststock committee and have spoken to several of my peers (but not all of who I've tagged yet) regarding this matter. At this time, there will be no more t-shirt sales or donations being taken. We have all learned a valuable lesson and will re-evaluate the managing of the future events. I ask, please, give us a chance to meet, make the appropriate changes for the better and hopefully have a successful Weststock 2! The event was phenomenal, no questions asked! Rick, along with many of us, put our heart and souls into making the event epic, I think we did that! Please don't forget the good that came out of this, it will be up to Rick Callendar to right the school. We will start a new site in a couple years for the 2022 reunion”

The posts are about money that is missing from merchandise sales and donations that was said to be given to West High Groups. The comments about the “theft” are mixed from outraged to understanding and forgiveness. One comment said the amount missing is $1800

The Sioux City West High all-class reunion called Weststock was held at Riverside Park on July 22nd and attended by hundreds. Many businesses and organizations donated services, food, equipment, and other resources to help make the event happen.

Rick Callender said in a comment “I'll be appointing someone else as administrator of the site, and the rest of the committee can take care of future plans for another reunion. I will pay back the money ASAP, it is all my fault, and I am sorry.”

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