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By [email protected] Updated on Thursday, December 14 2017 02:38pm

I do a lot more than just listening to police radio and posting to Facebook. In the last 2 years, I've built a brand in Siouxland that many come to rely on and trust. I've built valuable relationships with men and woman in public service in Siouxland as well as relationships with other media. My only regret so far is that I can't do more and cover more. Time and resource restrictions limit me as does having to be careful about how much money I'm investing.

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You can help defray the costs associated with running the site by purchasing limited edition t-shirts and sweatshirts. Once 11 shirts are sold on each campaign I received about $5.00 per shirt. Every little bit helps.

On Wednesday I launched a 10-day campaign for #CrimeSUX T-Shirts and on Thursday #FireSUX I have other ideas in mind for more shirts in the future depending on purchases and feedback I receive from these two campaigns. I'm not going to get rich or even make a living from selling shirts or the limited amount of revenue from Facebook Ads. They do however help defray the costs of fuel and equipment.

You can buy #CrimeSUX shirts here through December 22nd at midnight.

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