Plymouth County Deputies locate missing elderly man in field Northwest of Le Mars

By [email protected] Updated on Monday, January 15 2018 01:15am

An elderly man left Remsen headed for Le Mars Sunday evening January 14th, when he didn't reach his destination an attempt to locate was issued for him in Plymouth County.

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Deputies began driving roads between Remsen and Le Mars looking for a Grey Ford Fusion. The man and his vehicle were eventually located in a field near 150th St between Marble and Nature Avenues near a creek. He was uninjured and it's believed medical conditions lead to him ending up in the field. Deputy Matt Struve said if it weren't for the car lights being on, he likely would not have spotted it in the dark.

He suffered no injuries but had no cell phone to call for help, Deputy Struve believes he was there about 3 hours. Someone seeing his car was his only chance of getting help. When located his car was still running and had about a quarter of a tank of gas remaining.

Temperatures hovered around 10 degrees with windchills sub-zero on Sunday evening.