Live Feed of South Sioux City Grain Elevator Demolition Day 14

The top half of the elvator came down as planned about 6:13 pm on July 11th.

South Sioux City Police have setup live stream(s) directed at the Anderson Farms Grain Elevator as demolition proceeds. Officials ask that people not go to the site to watch as this causes a safety issue. They ask instead you watch the live feed.

South Sioux City Police hold daily press udpates at 10:00 am and 5:00 pm this article will be updated as needed.

After failed attempts on Friday and Saturday to pull the top half of the tower over the contractor is brining in additional equipment and plans to make another attempt today to pull the tower over. A fourth cable is being added to the structure and additional steps are being taken.

In addition to trying to allow residents that need to get items from their home a little more time, South Sioux City Police have volunteered to mow the yards if possible for residents that are displaced if they would like.

Anderson Farms Grain Elevator near 25th and Willow caught fire and exploded on May 29th about 1:00 pm causing parts of the building to blowout and debris fall below the tower. Shortly after the city declared an emergency and evacuated nearby residents after the building was deemed unsafe.

A contractor was brought in to handle the demolition of the tower. The demolition is planned to begin early next week. (June 11th) Once the tower is demolished to a level deemed safe. Evacuated residents will be allowed t avo return to their homes. Any resident with financial concerns have been provided contact information for the owner's insurance company.

South Sioux City Police and Fire, as well as nearby agencies, have been providing security in the area to ensure the scene remains safe. Police stress that anyone who crosses the barriers in place may be cited and arrested for trespassing. Police have setup phone and texting with evacuated residents to keep them updated on the progress.

At times smoke can be seen coming from small fire(s) at the base of the tower where a truck was unloading when the fire broke out. Once the structure is safe these fires will be extinguished. Additionally, MidAmerican Energy will cap a gas line in front of the elevator and restore gas to evacuated residents home and they will then be allowed to return.