Man in custody after stealing ATV following Sunday morning assault and abduction

By [email protected] Updated on Sunday, August 26 2018 10:25pm

Jose Salud Ibarra, 40
Search area outside of Emerson

Jose Salud Ibarra was taken into custody about 7:30 pm on Sunday after deputies responded to the 2300 Block of Highway 35 for a stolen ATV which the owner had followed into a field. Once deputies arrived on scene they found Ibarra and the ATV in the 2100 Block of Highway 35, Ibara attempted to turn around once he noticed deputies and crashed the ATV rolling it about 7:30 pm. He was transported to St Lukes hospital. Once released he will be booked into the Dakota County Jail with numerous Felony and Misdemeanour charges.

The family shortly after 9:00 am Sunday were traveling West on Highway 35 near Perry Avenue when they went off the road due to weather conditions. The vehicle became stuck. Jose Salud Ibarra, 40 and his daughter went for help. The family was able to free the vehicle and go to South Sioux City. Ibarra and his 12-year-old daughter were spotted in the roadway by a passerby who called 911 saying that he and his daughter were jumping into the road.

Deputies were dispatched to the area and after an hour located the 12-year-old female who had escaped from Ibarra after they both went into the cornfield. Initially, it was reported the Ibarra had left the scene in a semi, it was later determined he had not. Dakota County Sheriff Deputies, Nebraska State Patrol, South Sioux City Police Department, Emerson Police Department, and Nebraska State Conservation all assisted in searching the area for Jose Salud Ibarra who was not located. At this time he has still not been located.

Before the crash, Ibarra had abducted and assaulted his family with a firearm and is wanted by Dakota County Sheriffs Office. Ibarra is described as a 40-year-old Hispanic Male, he is 6 foot 2inches tall, weighing 180lbs. He has black hair and brown eyes. He was last seen wearing a green safety jacket, gray pants, black socks, and had his face pained florescent orange but appeared red in color. If you have seen him or know his whereabouts you’re asked to contact Dakota County Sheriff’s Office at 402-494-7555

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