Skimmer found on Credit Card terminal at Sioux City business

By [email protected] Updated on Tuesday, January 15 2019 02:38pm

Police were called to a business in Singing Hills just after 9:00 am Tuesday morning after they discovered a skimmer device overlaid on one of their payment terminals at the counter.

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As you can see from the photo of the device collected by Sioux City Police, it overlays the credit card terminal at the checkout counter and is able to steal your credit and debit card information when swiped. This is not the first time this business has located a skimmer at their location, a credit card skimmer was located on one of their gas pumps in early 2016.

Police were hesitant to provide the name of the business, Cubby's located at 4200 S York Boulevard in Sioux City. Police remind the public to regularly check their bank statements and report incidents of fraud to your bank.