Why you must respond to Sioux City speed and red light camera violations

By [email protected] Updated on Wednesday, March 27 2019 01:27pm

This article is not whether cameras ran by Sioux City are fair or not. It's not about if they are for safety or revenue. This is a warning to anyone that may have in the past ignored these violations completely.

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It doesn't matter where you live if you get a violation in Sioux City after January 1st, 2019 you must respond to the violation. Failure to do so may result in court costs and end in a civil judgment.

If you fail to pay the penalty, identify a different driver, or request a hearing it will be sent to small claims court where you'll be able to go in front of a judge. If you lose that hearing or do not appear for that hearing in addition to the ticket an additional $135.00 will be added and there will be a civil judgment against you until you pay it.