Juvenile charged after fake 911 call depicting shooting emergency at Sioux City West High

By [email protected] Updated on Tuesday, April 30 2019 05:46pm

Authorities have charged a 12-year-old male with a serious misdemeanor for filing a false police report after police say he made the fake 911 call earlier today.

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Sioux City Police, Fire, and EMS responded to West High just before noon on Tuesday, April 30th after a 911 call came in saying there had been a shooting. They quickly found there had not been a shooting and the call came from a 911 only phone and was bogus.

A 911 only phone is any cell phone that no longer has active service. The phone is still able to call 911 but there is no way for the phone to be called back if the caller hangs up. It is also not able to be traced after a call comes in and because it's not active the user information is not available. The phone location can still be estimated as any 911 call from a cell phone can be.

Police determined the 911 call came from the area of North Middle, where police also responded and determined there was no shooting or emergency. Police continue to investigate the incident.