North Sioux City Police Officer Derek McIntosh no longer employed after shooting cats

By [email protected] Updated on Wednesday, May 15 2019 07:09pm

Court documents obtained today tell a story of a shooting of a cat by former North Sioux City Police Officer, Derek McIntosh.

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The investigation started on or about May 8th after Officer Derek McIntosh notified Chief Richard Headid he was investigating a report of a stolen cat trap from #2 Alcoma Drive in North Sioux City. McIntosh reported that during the investigation Johny Clarey asked him about a black and white cat that belonged to him and his girlfriend that was missing. McIntosh reportedly to told Mr. Clarey they sometimes release stray cats in the cemetery.

On May 9th, Officer Stephanie Ryan told Captain Dustin Sharkey she had heard from Officer Andrew Ryan that Officer Derek McIntosh was taking cats caught in traps out to the cemetery and shooting them.

Captain Sharkey had a conversation with Officer Andrew Ryan who reported a conversation he had with Officer Derek McIntosh about shooting cats. Office Andrew Ryan also told him about McIntosh telling him he had told Mr. Clarey he had released his cat at the cemetery and Officer Andrew Ryan told him "At least you didn't shoot it." Officer McIntosh then told Officer Andrew Ryan he had actually shot the cat. Officer Andrew Ryan's impression of the conversation was that it was not the first cat he'd killed. McIntosh indicated to Ryan he intended to return to the cemetery and remove the dead cats.

Chief Headid and Captain Shakey went to the cemetery where they located purple gloves, like those used by the North Sioux City Police department and two deceased cats, one black and one black and white which they collected as evidence.

During a meeting with Chief Headed, City Administrator Ted Cherry, Mayor Randy Fredrickson, and Officer Derek McIntosh, McIntosh was asked what happened to the cat he removed from #2 Alcoma Drive. He indicated that the resident at #2 Alcoma Drive had been having problems with a number of cats and McIntosh had been called to pick up the cats which were trapped in a live trap. McIntosh said when he picked up the cat it had no tags, or collar so he made the decision to let it go at the cemetery. When asked by Cherry if he shot the cat, McIntosh denied shooting the cat, but that he had shot cats in the past. McIntosh was informed he was going to be was put on administrative leave. McIntosh then admitted he shot the cat.

On April, 29th Officer McIntosh logged that he picked up a cat from a live trap about 7:00 pm and released it at the cemetery. In a log entry on April 5th he indicated he picked up a cat from a live trap. On May 7th he indicated he picked up a stray cat provided it food and liter to be taken to the Humane Society.

Derek McIntosh has been charged with 1 count of Animal of Another - Kill or Injure. A class 1 misdemeanor. Class 1 misdemeanors are punished by one year in prison and up to $2000 in fines in the State of South Dakota.

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As of 6:00 pm Monday North Sioux City Administrator Ted Cherry confirmed Officer McIntosh is no longer employed by the city. He was unable to comment if his departure was voluntary or if there was a current criminal investigation.

Late last week I began receiving messages about Officer Derek McIntosh from the North Sioux City Police Department being suspended pending the outcome of a yet confirmed investigation.

Messages to the North Sioux City Police Department were redirected to the City Administrator Ted Cherry. Messages to Cherry have yet to be returned. The reason for the alleged investigation has yet to be confirmed.

The North Sioux City Police Department removed Officer Derek McIntosh name and photo from their website sometime between Friday, May 10th and Monday, May 13. Derek McIntosh for Sheriff as well as his personal Facebook page has also been removed. Also unconfirmed is an apparent text message from Derek McIntosh stating he no longer works for North Sioux City.