Winnebago School Staff member terminated after reports of inappropriate contact with students

A statement from Winnebago Public Schools says that a staff member has been terminated after students shared details of inappropriate interactions with a staff member.

Statement to Members of the Winnebago Schools Community May 15, 2019 Last Friday, the Winnebago School District became aware that a part time classified staff member may have had inappropriate contact with some Winnebago students. The school made this discovery after students shared details of these interactions with a staff member. School administrators immediately contacted Child Family Services, local law enforcement and the FBI. The parents of the students who had reported any contact have been individually notified by the school district. Parents who have not received this direct contact should know that this means their individual student is not suspected of being involved in this situation. However, any parents who have reason to believe their child may have been victimized should contact law enforcement immediately. During this investigation, the district has worked diligently to ensure that our students and staff are safe at school. The staff member who is accused has been terminated from his employment and is subject to a “stay away” directive prohibiting him from being on school grounds or attending any school-related event. The school is cooperating with the official criminal investigation, but does not have any direct control over it. Any additional information about the criminal case will come from one of the law enforcement agencies involved in the criminal investigation. The school district is deeply grateful to these agencies for their prompt response and ongoing cooperation. Our staff is committed to continuing its work keeping our students focused on their school work while at the same time providing students with emotional support throughout this process. Our students have also done a great job of supporting each other through this process. We look forward to returning our primary focus to our students’ academic and extracurricular success.