Online petition circulating to remove Mapleton Iowa Police Chief

By [email protected] Updated on Monday, May 27 2019 11:36am

A petition that started with a goal of 100 signatures and got that many in just over 12 hours now has more than 500 with a goal of 1000 seeks to get Mapleton Iowa Police Chief Jared Clausen removed from a position of power.

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The petition started by Shana Moss claims that Chief Clausen uses his badge as a means to stalk, intimidate and bully the citizens of Mapleton and the surrounding community. It goes on to stay that he's been accused of excessive force, follows and pulls over young girls, is rude and unprofessional.

Although online petitions rarely pick up enough support or motivate actual change it appears many are behind this community of just over 1,000 residents as the goal of 1000 signatures is already halfway to its goal in just a couple days.

Jared Clausen was named Chief of Police in Mapleton by the city council in October of 2014 after the former Chief John Holton was dismissed from his position after nearly 20 years in July of 2014.