Fire at recently passed Sioux City realtor and developer home being treated as a crime scene

By [email protected] Updated on Monday, October 28 2019 04:36pm

As of 4:00 pm Monday, the Woodbury County Sheriff’s Office said in a press release they are investigating a suspicious death at the 6533 Morningside Avenue address.

The obituary for David Davenport the owner of the property at 6533 Morningside Avenue says he died Friday, October 25th of a stroke. About 8:20 am on Sunday, October 27th Sergeant Bluff, Lawton and Sioux City Fire responded to a fire at his home address after it was reported that flames were coming through the roof.

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Firefighters worked through the morning and returned throughout the day to the scene. In the late morning or early afternoon, the fire scene transformed into what can only be explained as a crime scene as yellow tape was added and deputies and investigators came and went from the scene throughout the day.

There have been no official statements from law enforcement but sources close to the incident have told me that both the death and fire are being further investigated.