Two arrested after slow speed chase in South Sioux tracks in snow led to apprehension

By [email protected] Updated on Tuesday, November 12 2019 01:57pm

Just after midnight, South Sioux City Police attempted to stop of stolen Chevrolet Colorado that had eluded police multiple times over the last few days after being reported stolen on November 5th.

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Road conditions because of the snow prevented officers from keeping up with the Jeep. They lost it temporarily before following tire tracks that led them to the stolen vehicle at East 26th and Dakota Avenue. Officers then followed footprints to East 24th where they located the first suspect. Narciso Paniagua.

The second suspect Jason Rice was located on East 26th. Initially, he refused to comply with officers and told them he had been stabbed. Officers observed an open wound with organs protruding. Rice was transported to the hospital for treatment. He refused to cooperate with Officers on information about his wounds. Rice and Panagua are acquaintances.

Narciso Paniagua was arrested on charges of possession of stolen property and resisting arrest. A warrant will be issued for Jason Rice for possession of stolen property.