Alcohol a factor in fiery October Dakota County crash involving off duty Deputy and his wife

Dakota County Deputies, Homer Fire Rescue, and Nebraska State Patrol responded to a fiery head-on collision on Highway 75 between Homer and Winnebago about 1:30 am on October 12th.

Court documents say that a Trooper was able to get a search warrant for the blood of Mindy Gilster the driver of one of the vehicles after she refused a PBT and Blood Draw and asked a trooper to leave her hospital room. Mindy's vehicle was found to have multiple containers of alcohol including open containers. Mindy's husband Brent Gilster a deputy with Dakota County Sheriff's Office and passenger in the vehicle sustained multiple injuries that required surgery according to statements made by Mindy on Facebook shortly after the crash which were later removed. Mindy has been charged with operating while intoxicated and driving an unregistered vehicle.

The driver of the other vehicle Destiny Krontz was also charged with operating while intoxicated. A passenger from her vehicle was found in a nearby waiting vehicle after he fled the crash and got into a vehicle that was stopped waiting for the crash to be cleared.

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