Majority Sioux City Council ignore what appeared to be majority residents of Riverside

By [email protected] Updated on Monday, January 27 2020 10:46pm

Alex Waters, Julie Schoenherr, and Pete Groetken all voted in favor of changing Riverside Boulevard/Iowa Highway 12 to 2 lanes from 4 lanes in the upcoming Iowa DOT resurfacing of the roadway.

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None of the council members live or work in the area, therefore likely are to rarely even travel the road if but a few trips a month and admittedly relied on statistics and recommendations from the State to in a majority side with the state, ignoring those directly affected in changing the roadway to 2 lanes with a dedicated turn lane from 4 lanes.

Many that showed to two different council meetings in opposition to the resurfacing live and work in the area or travel it often. Many probably hundreds if not thousands of miles of the approximately 2 mile stretch from Interstate 29 to Highway 12.

The state believes and convinced the council majority that reducing the highway from 4 lanes to 2 lanes will slow traffic down, making it safer for the motoring public. The citizens believe that although the remarking may help in some communities and instances it does not take into account varied traffic types from trains delays, residential and business driveways the line more than half the stretch.

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The state offered as a consolation the leftover space on the side of the road could be used as dedicated bike lanes which encouraged cyclists to speak in favor of the project. The state says after 24 months they will reevaluate traffic, crash data and input to determine if it should stay 2 lanes or return to 4 lanes. The project is also expected to improve sidewalks, curbing and draining along the roadway.