Officers locate missing Project Lifesaver Juvenile

By [email protected] Updated on Tuesday, March 22 2016 04:39pm

Sioux City Police were dispatched to East High at about 1:40PM to help locate a missing Project Lifesaver 14-year-old Juvenile Male with a tracking device, wearing Grey Hawkeye hoodie. He reportedly took off from his teacher through the parking lot headed towards Sunnybrook.

Officers quickly deployed to the area using tracking devices that can pick up the signal from the tracking device worn by the Juvenile. Officers continued to spread out searching the area getting mixed results from the tracking device.

About an hour into the search the Officer in charge requested the assistance of Mercy Air Care (MAC1). Mercy Air Care was deployed to the fields next to East High School.

Mercy Air Care arrived about 2:50pm. Officers at that time were closing in on the location of the Juvenile. Officers loaded into the helicopter with their tracking equipment and as they were about to take off the Juvenile was located near the 2500 Block of South Saint Aubin.