Apartment fire in Sioux City on West 4th noticed after officer smelled smoke in area

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Sioux City, Iowa - In the early hours of July 27th, a Sioux City police officer's alertness and rapid response averted potential disaster as they detected a fire in the 1800 block of West 4th Street. Sioux City Fire Department was able to swiftly contain the fire, ensuring the safety of the occupants and preventing further damage to the building.

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Around 1:15 am, the police officer, on regular patrol duties, noticed the distinct smell of smoke in the area. They immediately investigated further, leading them to the source of the smoke. There, they found visible flames and smoke emanating from the side of a small apartment building. Sioux City Fire Department was immediately notified and dispatched to the location. Officers checked to make sure the building had been evacuated.

Upon arrival, fire crews determined that the fire was on a balcony of the apartment complex. Firefighters extinguished the flames, and checked for further extension of the fire. The Fire Department conducted comprehensive checks to ensure that the fire had not extended within the building. Additionally, they efficiently cleared smoke from the interior.

There were no reported injuries. The Red Cross provided essential support to one of the affected occupants and their child.