RELEASED Siouxland Women get their prison sentence suspended

By [email protected] Updated on Tuesday, May 10 2016 10:59am

According to a report from Siouxland News, Judge Neary has suspended Angelica Perez's and Heaven Zevenbergen’s prison sentence's and they will be released from custody today on 5-year probation and they will required to pay restitution on the $10,000 that was never recovered from the theft.

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Angelica Perez and Heaven Zevenbergen will be back in court on Tuesday, May 10th. According to court records both Perez and Zevenbergen were granted a hearing for reconsideration of their sentences.  

Both were sentenced on February 10th of this year to 5 years in Prison for their elaborate plan to steal $10,000 and make it look like a Robbery from Security National Bank at HyVee on Hamilton Blvd where Zevenbergen was an employee.