Building Better Neighborhoods in Sioux City

Sioux City's Network Neighborhood gives citizens to chance to meet their neighbors, city officials, police, and fire. Discussing issues affecting the neighborhood and working together to build a safer and stronger community.

Information from the "The Sioux City Neighborhood Network" handout.

What is the Neighborhood Network?
The Neighborhood Network is a coalition made up of many Sioux City neighborhood groups.

Our Mission Statement
The Sioux City Neighborhood Network is an organized group of concerned citizens working together to resolve issues affection our neighborhoods and to support changes that will create a positive impact within our community.

While each neighborhood has different problems, residents of all neighborhoods want the city's decision-making process to be responsive to their needs. The Neighborhood Network helps residents become better informed and provide a link between Sioux City's neighborhoods and City Hall.

What can The Neighborhood Network Do?
Citizens meet regularly in their respective neighborhoods to develop solutions to local problems and put them into action. They form a protective networked of concern throughout the city.

Neighborhood groups are the "eyes and ears" of the city. They have insight and common sense needed to deal with local and citywide issues.

Become a champion within your community.

The last time we checked, two heads were better than one. Twenty-five heads can be awesome! Eight organized groups will be a powerful force for Sioux City.

Neighborhood Network Meetings are held the 2nd Thursday of every month at 6:00PM, Police/Fire Dept. 601 Douglas Street. If you are interested in attending a meeting or getting involved, please contact Neighborhood Network President, Rick Arnold at (712) 251-8877 for more information.

Neighborhood Network Outreach

Community Involvement

  • Rivercade Parade
  • Neighborhood Events
  • National Night Out Against Crime
  • Red Ribbon Week
  • Grandma Moos Park
  • Rose Hill Entryway
  • Smith Villa Park
Public Saftey
  • Crime Prevention
  • Gange Activity Intervention
  • Drug Control
  • Fire Prevention
  • Graffiti Prevention
Community Development
  • Better inspection and enforcement of housing codes
  • City Urban Renewal Projects
  • Rehabilitation of red-tagged housing to return it to the market.
  • Neighborhood Beautification Projects
City Government
  • Sponsor town hall meetings on citywide issues as the develop
  • Publish periodic newsletter that provides simple and detailed explanation of city actions
Join a meeting
Sioux City Neighborhood Network
2nd Thursday Monthly
6:00PM at 601 Douglas St (Police/Fire HQ)
Contact: Rick Arnold [email protected] 712-251-8877

3rd Wednesday Odd Months
6:00PM at 2630 Rd St (Fire Station #3)
Contact: Jackie Sweisberger [email protected] 712-898-4708

Jones Street
2nd Thursday Quarterly
5:30PM at 14th and Jackson (MidTown Family Community Center)
Contact: Janet Reynolds [email protected] 712-224-3363

1st Tuesdaay Monthly
7:00PM at 4400 Central St (Calvary Lutheran Church)
Contact: Rene Gordon [email protected]

Near Westside
2nd Monday Monthly
7:00PM at 441 W 3rd St (Centennial Manor)
Contact: Karen Brennan [email protected]

1st Wednesday Monthly
7:00PM 618 Wright Ave (United Methodist Church)
Contact: Pete Peters 712-233-2677

Rose Hill
3rd Tuesday Monthly
7:00PM at 1200 Doughas St (alley entrance St Thomas Church)
Contact: Robert Cory [email protected]

3rd Thursday Monthly
7:00PM at 423 George St (Radiant Life Church)
Contact: Tiffany Leckband [email protected]

Crescent Park
4th Thursday Monthly
7:00PM at Crescent Park School Room 101
Contact: Gary Davis [email protected]