Names released along with additional information into Tuesdays home invasion that left the suspect dead

Source: Sioux City Police Activity Log Updated on Wednesday, April 10 2019 03:01pm

After a disturbance at 1216 25th Street in Sioux City where 19-year-old Jose Montanez was breaking items in the home, it is reported he broke out a 2nd story window in his residence and jumped from the window to the ground. He then forcefully entered the residence without permission of 29-year-old Travis Gutierrez at 1321 24th Street where after a struggle and refusing to leave he was shot by the resident. Montanez was transported to the hospital where he later died.

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Police say they were responding to a disturbance at 1216 25th Street on Sioux City's Northside at 8:17 am, in the course of the disturbance, an unidentified man jumped from a second story window before fleeing the area. At 8:30 am they received a call from a homeowner just a block away at 1321 24th saying an intruder had been shot, police confirm the man shot, who later died at a Sioux City hospital is the same man who jumped from the window on 25th Street.

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In a press conference, Tuesday afternoon police said they do not currently know of a previous connection between the shooter and the man who died. After leaving the 25th Street address the subject broke into the 24th Street address and was breaking things in the kitchen. A struggle ensued between the suspect and the homeowner and the homeowner retrieved a weapon and a shot was fired striking the suspect. The suspect was transported to MercyOne Siouxland Medical Center where they died later in the morning.

No additional information as the investigation has just begun, more information will be released once it becomes available. Evidence will be turned over to the Woodbury County Attorney to determine if any charges will be filed.

IncidentDate  TimeActivityLocation
119011181   04/09 08:30   SHOTS FIRED    1300 Block of 24TH ST